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InSpirational Speeches

Ideas for InSpired Living - InSpiritry Personal, Spiritual & Memorial Service Messages

The World Needs You! Living Your Own InSpirational Life

Always Open - The Sign of an Invitational Life

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Every Moment is Poetic - Mindful of Miracles

What a Story! Living a Life to Remember, Then Sharing It

Words of Wisdom - Poetry as a Spiritual Practice

A Spirit of Service - The Key to a Life with Meaning

In Love with the World - The 7 C's of InSpiritry

Nature - Retreat, Renewal & Re-creation

Passionate Listening - Compassionate Lives

Tell Me a Story! Tales Your Grandchild Needs to Hear

We, Women - Our Truest Stories, Our Strongest Selves

Science as Spirituality - A Love Affair with the World

Peace - The Place We Meet Each Other

Why Memories Matter - The Power of the Stories Inside

The Art of Observation - Seeing with a Poet's Eye

It's O.K. - The First Words on the Path to Peace

Life's Transitions - The Blessings of Change

A Living Legacy - The Heirlooms of Family Stories

D-R-E-A-M - Creating a Path through Upheaval

The Cup or the Well - Taking Care of You

The Blessing of Need - Giving Life Meaning

Words for Air - Surviving & Thriving with Chronic Illness

Stop Trying to Help Me Remember! Stories and Dementia Care

Today's Choices -  Tomorrow's Stories

Midlife - Landing or Taking Off? 

For Generations and Generations - Our Shared Stories

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InSpired Leadership - Organizational & Corporate InSpiritry

Believe, Belong, Become - InSpired Organizations 

That Makes Me Cry! - Using Your Group's InSpiring Stories

Heart to Heart - The Corporate Power of InSpired Conversations

Good to Greater Good - Business for a Better World

Start Something Big - Turning Your Ideas into Action

That Makes a Great Story! - How Information Becomes InSpiration

We, Women - How Compassionate Wisdom Leads...and Follows

Consilience - Using the Power of Everything We Know

STEAM for Adults - Facilitating Creative & Intellectual Exploration

The Non-Profit Board - A Web of (Human) Resources

Their Family Story - Your Next Sustaining Gift

InSpirational Leader -  Every Employee's Job Title

The Courage (and Competence) to Chart a New Course

Mission Marketing - Making InSpiration Your Brand

Doing the Right Thing...But Who's Right?

InSpiring Your Next Set of Leaders - Who? How? When?

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InSpired Learning - Educational InSpiritry 

Believe, Belong, Become - InSpired Classrooms, Dynamic Schools

What Difference Does It Make? Transcending Gender, Culture & Race

Falling in Love with Language - Teaching, Writing & Enjoying Poetry

STEM Poetry - Creative Writing as Scientific Method

WordPlay - Social Emotional Learning though Poetry

Mindfulness, Meaning & Mastery - InSpired Learning

Teaching the Art of Observation - A Poet's Eye, A Student's Heart

Consilience - Everything Crosses Curriculum

Metaphor - A Cross-Curricular Teaching Tool

Click on It! - Literary Devices as Hypertext

The Future Runs on STEAM - Arts & Science Integration 

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InSpired Communities - Shared InSpiritry

The Future is Brighter Than You Think

Home-grown Heroes - Ordinary People with Extraordinary Stories

Volunteerism - Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Lives.

The Art of Peace: Creativity. Compassion. Community.

Diversity: We're All A Little Weird - What's Your Story? 

Girls Raised in the South - Surviving Race, Religion & Donna Reed

Not (Exactly) Like Me - Opening Our Lives to Difference

Curiosity, Creative Thinking & Consilience - Learning Starts Here!

Courage - The Beginning of the Next Big Thing

Mentoring Minds, Making Futures

A Spirit of Service - Connecting Communities

History and Her Story - Seeing Beyond Gender

Save the Children - Choosing a Bright Future

Questions then Answers- Fostering Meaningful Conversations

Who Heals the Healers? 

The Future Runs on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Math)

Heroes - Pastors, Problem-Solvers & Peacemakers 

Hear audio samples of Anne's InSpiring messages!

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Storytelling Concerts

Stories for Very Young Audiences

Global Stories of Wit & Wisdom

Women of Strength & Spirit

Peace: One Person at a Time

Eureka! Discovery, Invention & Ideas

The Way It Really Happened - Historical Narratives

Christmas Stories & Songs

Personal Stories & Family Heirlooms

Mindful of Miracles - Stories of Faith & Friendship

GRITS - Girls Raised In The South

Texas Tales & Tunes 

For 30 Years Anne's Storytelling Style & Audience Connection Has Delighted Audiences

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Poetry Readings

Selections from Anne's Published Works

Along Greathouse Road, Under a Blameless Moon, Letting Myself In and many Books, Anthologies & Journals

Poems from Anne's Poet with a Press Pass blog and podcasts about current events

Topical Selections of Anne's Award-Winning Poetry

Nature, Family Life, Women's Lives, Transitions, Peace, Social Justice, Science, Global News, Spirituality, Gardening, East Texas, Men's Life Experiences, Love & Relationships, Hiking/Hunting/Fishing, The South, East Texas, Self Discovery, Aging, Rural Life, Children, Art, Travel

Anne's Unique Voice and Passion for Poetry Readings Have Made Her a Favorite with Poetry Audiences

Enjoy text and audio of Anne's Poetry!

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Workshops, Seminars & Retreats

InSpiritry - Living Your InSpirational Life (Personal Growth, Family Living, Interpersonal Relationships, Community Involvement)

InSpired Learning - Arts Integration, STEM Poetry, SEL, Creative Word Play, Art to Art: Poetry/Stories/Dance/Music/Art

Writing - Poetry, Narrative, Memoir, Blogging, Non-profit Content Writing, Spoken Word, Poet with a Press Pass

Speaking - The Art and Teaching of Storytelling, Poetry Reading, Spoken Word, Public Speaking

Activism - News, Peace, Social Justice, The Arts, Social Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit Economy, Community Involvement

Spiritual - Personal Spirituality, Sacred Writing, Creative Worship, Mission Development, Peace, Stories of Our Faith

Science & Nature - Science & Science News Topics, Nature Writing, STEAM topics, Arts-integration of Science Education

Education - InSpired Learning & Teaching, Language Arts Integration Across the Curriculum, STEAM Activities, Education Topics

OpenWords Community Outreach - Creative Writing, Story Sharing & Personal Development Sessions

Gatherings & Retreats - Writing Sessions, Poetry or Storytelling Retreats, Spiritual Retreats, Non-profit Retreats

Custom Residencies & Retreats, Interactive Workshops and Extended Programs

are available on any of Anne's Presentation Topics 

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Community, Church & Organziational Programs

Awards Ceremonies

Nonprofit Fundraisers

Poetry Readings, Storytelling Concerts & Open Mic Sessions 

Anne believes helping audiences fall in love with speakers is an art and privilege

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