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With her Poet with a Press Pass blogposts and podcasts,

Anne McCrady offers poems in response to world events and global news.


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"What Are the Odds?"   AirAsia Flight QZ8501
"No Laughing Matter"  Paris Terrorist Attacks
"How It Is"  Monday, January 19, 2015
"Family History" Discovery of a Skull in Manot Cave
"To Kill"
ISIS and Harper Lee's New Book
"Deliveries"      Legislation Regarding Drones
"Separate Entry"  Women's History Month
"Observe Warning Signs"       Indiana's New "Freedom" Law
"Inside Iran"    Nuclear Agreement with Iran
"Collapsed"  Earthquake in Nepal
"EEG" Surge in Neurotechnology
"After the Storm" Deadly Tornadoes in Texas
"Fue el Estado" 43 Kidnapped Students in Mexico
"Laudato Si" Pope's environmental Encyclical
"The Deadliest Creature" Time Magazine's Answers Issue
 "I Now Pronounce" U.S. Marriage Equality
"Open" W.S. Embassy Opens in Cuba
"Treasure" Beheading of Khaled Al-Asaad by ISIS
"On the Move" Refugees in Europe
"Tough Guy" Putin in Syria
"Roadmap to Peace" Surge in Middle East Violence
"Questioned" Rampant Rapes in India
"Death by Ideology" ISIS in Paris
"Holiday Greeting Card" 2015 Climate Summit
"Close Call" Global Death Toll
"Now She Knows" Wikidpedia's 15th Anniversary
"WHO Knows" Zika Virus Spreads
"Safe" Global Threat
"Primary News" Donald Trump
"Evergreen" Oldest Pine Twig
"The Color of Bone" Syrian Hospital Bombed
"Safe Haven" Panama Papers
"Ummah" OIC Arab Leaders Meet
"Ripple" Google Honors Hertha Ayrton
"Visitations after Baghdad" ISIS in Sadr City
"All Grown Up" Bullies as Leaders
"Pulse, 2016" Orlando Shooting
"What I Tell Children" Death of Elie Wiesel
"The Drop of Honey" American Devisiveness
"Dust on the Tongue" Aleppo
"This Choice" U.S. Presidential Campaign
"Storm Surge" Hurricane Matthew & Politics
"What Next" U.S. Election Results
"New Day" January 1, 2017
"Watching Obama Say Goodbye" Obama's Farewell
"Semester Break" U.S. Travel Ban
"Women and Children" The Plight of Families
"I Can't Even Talk About It" Syrian Gas Attack
"Writing in the Time of Trump" Constitutional Crisis
"Health. Care. Well. Being." U.S. Healthcare Policy
 "An Old Story"  Children in Poverty
 "Exceptions"  National Guilt
 "In Place"  Disturbing Political News


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