InSpiritry Call Us to Compassion -

Opening Our Hearts to Other People's Needs!


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What is Compassion?

The word, Compassion, comes from Latin roots meaning with heart and having strong feelings for another.

When you feel Compassion, your heart is open to the perspectives and plights of others.

In the context of InSpiritry, Compassion suggests a lifestyle of living beyond self.

Compaasion becomes the very basis for Greater Good Thinking: Caring about Others!

When you care, you notice, reach out, help, encourage, heal, empower, love, serve.

Compassion inspires you to put into action your personal passions for Whole Living: Self, Spirit, Humanity and Nature.

In the practice of InSpiritry, Compassion takes the form of generosity and kindness.


How can we practice Compassion?

Living with Compassion as part of a life of InSpiritry means opening our hearts to others in the belief that our most sacred task on earth is to take care of one another. We give evidence to our Passion for the Greater Good in our acts of Compassion.

Here are some reminders of how you can practice Compassion in your everyday life:

Be Empathetic

Look for connections rather than differences.
Be open to other points of view.
Try to discern other people's experiences.

Listen Passionately

Give other people your full attention.
Listen to learn not to debate.
Hear what is not spoken.

Tell Stories

See each person as an amazing inspirational story.
Be aware of your own inspiring personal story.
See your actions as part of the larger human story.

Show Grace & Mercy

Be kind instead of needing to be right.
Offer and seek forgiveness.
Be generous, no matter what.


Put your beliefs into action.
Make a difference in people's lives.
Be an everyday force for the Greater Good.


Wisdom Quotes on Compassion

Do Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly... Micah 6:8

Love life and Life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back. Arthur Rubenstein


InSpiritry Presentations about Compassion

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May You Be Blessed by Your Practice of InSpiritry:
Community, Compassion, Creativity, Collaboration, Consilience, Courage, Celebration