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Collections of Anne's Poetry and Original Stories


Letting Myself In 

Poems Reflecting on Life's Transitions (2013)

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Listen as Anne reads the poems from Letting Myself In


Along Greathouse Road 

Winner of the Edwin M. Eakin Memorial Manuscript Award (2004)

Poems of Rural Texas

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Along Greathouse Road (audiobook)

2-CD Audiobook of Anne's award winning colletions

Anne Reading Poems with Musical Backdrops

Produced by InSpiritry (2005)

Included with any InSpiritry purchase or $10 separately


Under a Blameless Moon

Winner of the Pudding House Chapbook Prize

Chapbook of Anne's peace and social justice poems

Published by Pudding House (2007)

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Kevin & the Seven Prayers

An Original Peace Parable with Discussion Prompts

Published by InSpiritry (2009)

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Collections of Poetry & Stories that Include Anne McCrady's Writing



Enchantment of the Ordinary

Includes Anne's poem "Maps"

Published by Mutabilis Press

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Bridging the World (audio anthology)

Poems from the Poetry Society of Texas Summer Conference

Poems Read by Poets with Musical Backdrops

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2019 Texas Poetry Calendar

Poems written by Texans and Friends of Texas

Anne's poem "Roses" in included

Published by Kallistor Gaia Press (2018)

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The Southern Poetry Anthology: Voume VIII Texas

Published by Texas Review Press (2018)

Purchase on Amazon or Texas A&M University Press



Building Bridges, Making Peace

2017 Art of Peace Tyler Anthology

Anne's Poem "Build a Bridge" is included

Published by InSpiritry, Edited by Anne McCrady

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Rising Rains

Poems Concerning Hurricane Harvey

Anne's Poem "Watermark" is included

Published by Local Gems Press (2017)



 Stone Renga 

A collaborative poem in the ancient Chinese tradition

Anne's stanza about a stone in a river is included

Published by Tale Feathers Press (2017)

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bearing_the_mask_cover0001 bearing_the_mask_sw2-backcover_with_poets-72dpi

Bearing the Mask - Southwestern Persona Poems

A collection of persona poems highlighting the American Southwest

Anne's poems, "Dolores" and "Tough by Nature," are included

Published by Dos Gatos Press (2016)

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 Paths to Peace - Journey to Wholeness

Poems from the 2016 Art of Peace Festival - Tyler, TX

Anne's poem, "Labyrinth," is included

Chapbook published by InSpiritry and Edited by Anne McCrady (2016)

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Voices Israel - Poetry from Israel & Abroad

Annual collection of international poetry

Anne's poems have been included in several volumes

Published by Voices Israel Group of Poets in English


Texas Poetry Calendars

Yearly Planning Calendars featuring Texas poems and poets each week

Anne's poetry has been included every year except one from 1999-2017

Released each October by Dos Gatos Press 



Poems from the 2015 Art of Peace Festival - Tyler, TX 

Anne's poem, "Intertwined," is included

Chapbook published by InSpiritry and Edited by Anne McCrady (2015) 

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Her Texas: Story, Image, Poem & Song 

Selections from Texas Women Writers, Musicians and Artists

Several of Anne's poems are included

Published by Wings Press (2015)

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Out of the Depths: Poetry of Poverty -- Courage & Resilience

Anne's poem, "Deluge," is included

Published by Holy Cow! Press (2015)

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A Taste of Literary Elegance: Wine, Cheese & Chocolate

Anne's poem "Chocolate" is included

Published by Manzanita Writers Press (2014)

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Hunger for Peace

Poems from the 2014 Art of Peace Festival - Tyler, TX

Chapbook published by InSpiritry and Edited by Anne McCrady (2014)

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G.R.I.T.S. - Girls Raised in the South

An anthology of Southern Queer Womyns' Voices & Their Allies

Anne's Poems, "Girl" and "Written" are included

Published by FreeVerse Publishing (2013)



Poems from the 2011 Art of Peace Festival - Tyler, TX

Anne's poem, "More," is included

Chapbook published by InSpiritry and Edited by Anne McCrady (2011)

Purchase from InSpiritry 


From Under the Bridges of America

Poems about Homelessness

Anne's poems, "Poverty is an Empty House" and "Blessings" are included

Published by (Sweet)MO Press (2011)


Improbable Worlds

An Anthology of Texas and Louisiana Poets

Anne's poem, "Urban Suite," is included

Published by Mutabilis Press (2011)

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A Celebration of Tequila

Anne's poem, "Con Gusano," is included

Published by Ink Brush Press (2011)

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The Art of Peace 

Poems by Anne McCrady, Angela O'Donnell, Ned Balbo & Michael Lythgoe

Poems for the Art of Peace Festival - Belton, TX

Chapbook published by Fordham University (2010)

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Cup of Comfort for a Better World

Inspiring True Stories of Volunteerism and Service

Anne's Story "More Blessed to Give" is included

Published by Adams Media (2010)

Purchase Kindle version at Amazon or Nook version at Barnes & Noble


Christmas Traditions

True Stories that Celebrate the Spirit of the Season

Anne's story, "The Taste of Christmas," is included

Published by Adams Media (2009)

Purchase on Amazon


Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair - Best of the Texas Poetry Calendar

Selections from a decade of Texas Poetry Calendars

Published by Dos Gatos Press (2008)

Anne has several poems included

Purchase at Amazon or Dos Gatos Press


Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers

Stories that Celebrate the Women Who Do It All

Anne's story "Happy Father's Day" is included

Published by Adams Media (2008)

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Dog Blessings

Poems & Stories for Dog Lovers

Anne's poem, "Ceremony at Dawn," is included

Published by New World Library (2008)

Purchase from Amazon


Miracles of Motherhood

Poems, Prayers & Stories for New Mothers

Anne's poem, "For Sleep," is included

Published by Center Street (2007)

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Book of Hopes and Dreams

International Scottish Poetry Anthology for Medical Aid to Afghanistan

Anne's poem, "Having Invited HIm Into My Kitchen," is included

Published by BlueChrome Press (2006)



My Heart's First Steps

Writings that Celebrate the Gifts of Parents

Anne's poem, "For a New Mother," is included

Published by Adams Media (2004)

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Prose Poetry & Sudden Fiction

Anne's prose poem, "Building C, Apartment 12," is included

Published by Stone River Press (2003)

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Poems and Stories for Mothers

Anne's poem is included

Sold Out!


Essential Love

Poems about Mothers and Fathers, Daughters and Sons

Anne's poem, "On Morgan Street," is included

Published by Grayson Books (2000)

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       Nonfiction Anthologies that Include Anne McCrady's Work



Wingbeats: Exercises & Practice in Poetry

Poetry essays with writing workshop exercises and example poems

Published by Dos Gatos Press (2011)

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