Poetry Programs

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We do not teach poetry or creative writing, not even language arts...

We inspire people, and especially students, to be more alive,

to embrace the one thing that makes us uniquely human--

the ability to communicate with others using words.

No other species on the planet can do that,

and we do it with such artistry and passion!

Anne McCrady


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Poetry Presentations

Every Moment is Poetic - Seeing Poems Everywhere

Look Closer - How to Enjoy, Appreciate and Understand a Poem

Oh, I Get It Now - Poetry for Those Who Don't Like Poetry (yet!)

Poetry - A Spiritual Practice 

The Writer's Secret - Compassion

Read Me a Poem! The Gift of Sharing Poetry with Children

Poet with a Press Pass - Writing about What Matters

Science - The Poet's Natural Realm

Peace Poems - Speaking Truth

Memories & the Power of the Poems They InSpire

The Art of Observation - A Poet's Eye

Contemporary Poetry - Texas, U.S. & Beyond

Lone Star Legacies - Texas Poet Laureates


Poetry Readings

Selections from Anne's Published Works

Along Greathouse Road, Under a Blameless Moon, Letting Myself In and many other Books, Anthologies & Journals

Topical Selections of Anne's Award-Winning Poetry

Living a Life with Meaning, Women, Relationships, Family, Children, Transitions, Self Discovery, Spirituality,

World News, Peace, Social Justice, Science, Nature, Light, Water, 

East Texas, Men, Hunting/Fishing, The South, Aging, Rural Life, Gardening

Commissioned Poems & Readings

Anne can create poems or poetry readings to fit your event or gift need


Enjoy Some of Anne's Poems! 


Literary Workshops, Seminars & Retreats

Why Poetry Matters - The Power of Creative Language in Our Lives

Falling in Love with Language - The Secret to Teaching (and Writing) Poetry

Putting Words to Work - Writing to InSpire

Oh, Now I Get It! - Learning to Like Poetry 

Reading Poetry Like a Staar Student

Poetry - The Original (& Still Powerful) Hypertext

The Art of Observation - Seeing with a Poet's Eye

Who Knew Words Were So Much Fun? - Poetry for Young Students

The Ancient Art of Hyperlinking - Understanding Poetry as Hypertext

New Forms, New Readers - Writing Poetry in a Social Media World

Poet with a Press Pass - Poetry in Response to World News

STEM Poetry - Science as Literary Content & Practice

Vibrant Voices - A Sampling of Contemporary Poets

Holding Up the Truth - Poetry of Witness

American Originals - U. S. Poet Laureates

Speaking for the Great State - Texas Poet Laureates

Postcards from Texas - Sampling of the Texas Poetry Calendar

Everyplace Sacred - Writing about the Spiritual

Every Moment, Poetic - Writing Poems of Personal Experience

Speaking the UnSpoken - Writing Poems We Need to Write

Each Word, a Wonder - Meaning, Music and Mastery

Writing about Place - Context & Gesture

Video Stillshots - Writing Poetic Versions of Stories

Our Mouths Must Feel the Words - Using Sound in Poetry

Art to Art - Ekphrastic Writing

From Page to Stage - Poetry Out Loud

A Poem of Poems - Creating a Poetry Collection

Go Somewhere, Write Something - Literary Field Trips

Teacher In-Service Workshops

InSpiritry Guided Writing Sessions

OpenWord Community Outreach Sessions 

Open Mic Poetry Event Hosting

Emceeing Poetry Events

Songwriting Collaboration




*Keynotes or extended versions are available on any of the Presentation Topics Listed Above


Contact Anne McCrady to book an InSpiritry presentation!

Find out more about Anne's Poetry Collections and Anthologies!