A Few of Anne's Poems


"Poetry is written language that, like a solid, holds its form on the page

rather than behaving like prose,

a literary liquid that takes the shape of the container of the page.

Speaking poetry sublimates it to a gas,

that exciting state of matter that can go anywhere!"


Anne McCrady's award-winning poetry appears in literary journals, arts magazines, national and international anthologies, online and in her own collections:  Along Greathouse Road, Under a Blameless Moon and Letting Myself In. Her poems has been composed as artsong, read at weddings and memorial services and also used in worship settings. 

Enjoy some of her most popular poems: 

"Public Health Proposal" "Directions to Peace" "Promise "
"Following a Line" "Out on Her Own" "Vectors"
"Story" "Sacrament" "Letting Myself In"
"Lessons from My Father" "Bridge" "We Arrive as Strangers"


You can also listen to selections from Anne's reading of the poems in her collections:

Along Greathouse Road, Letting Myself In and Under a Blameless Moon.

Read Anne's latest news-related poems at Poet with a Press Pass.

Hear Anne read selected poems on SoundCloud. 


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