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"Every Moment is Poetic  --

and Every Life is an InSpirational Story!"


InSpired Ideas for a Better You...and a Better World

Anne's Books

Anne McCrady is the award-winning author of three personal collections of poetry and an inspirational parable. Her writing also appears in many literary journals, arts magazines and anthologies!More »

A Story for Hard Times

A Carrot, An Egg & a Coffee Bean

A young woman went to her mother and told her how sad she was about the world’s conflicts, how mad she was at people who she didn’t agree ... More »

A Poem for Conflict



Like butter, warmed,

pour your words

if you want to be

heard, heeded, ... More »

Peacemakers are Heroes!

Each time you are kindhearted, merciful, optimistic and generous, you help make this a Better World! From all of the rest of us - Thanks!

Be Open!

These are the real enemies we should fear:  Crossed arms. Clinched fists. Squinted eyes. Closed minds. Locked Doors. Gated streets. Reach out to the people around you - Be Open!