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"Every Moment is Poetic  -- and Every Life is an InSpirational Story!"


Poet, Storyteller, Social Activist & Speaker Anne McCrady

Shows You How An Open Mind, a Gentle Heart and a Wider Lens

Can Transform Your Life...and the World!

Conquering Your Fears

Spring is a great time to cross the suspension bridge of life in a new place, a new job, a new endeavor, a new relationship! You can do this -- enjoy the adrenaline rush and feel alive!

Planting Daffodils

When we moved into our new home, August had wilted the shrubbery and dried up any flowers. The fall brought a frost that finished off most of the green in the yard. Winter brought a palette of gray... More »

Poem for Facing Change


Like the invitation to a new life

that brought you to where you are,

on this... More »

Feel Alive!

When You Need Courage, Look Around You: People You Know are Inviting You to Resist Fear and Live Your One Complicated, Terrifying, Wonderful Life!

Anne's Books

Anne's newest book, Letting Myself In, is a collection of poems that will open the door of your heart to the poignant and transforming life transitions of ev... More »