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"Every Moment is Poetic  --

and Every Life is an InSpirational Story!"


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Anne's Books

Anne McCrady is the award-winning author of three personal collections of poetry and an inspirational parable. Her writing also appears in many literary journals, arts magazines and anthologies!More »

A Peace Story

The Willow Leaf Eyebrow is a beautiful story from ancient China, a poignant tale of love, forgiveness and healing. Enjoy Anne's telling of ithis timeless tale at the new s... More »

A Poem for Peace

       Directions to Peace


Start early.

Leave the house

of your hopelessness.

Wear only clothes

that are comfortab... More »

Art of Peace Festival - Tyler

September 21st is the United Nations International Day of Peace! In East Texas, we will be celebrating with arts events all week long at the Art of Peace Festival - Tyler!<... More »

Be a Peacemaker

Let go of anger -- Reach out to others -- Listen to people's stories -- Share generously -- Celebrate your ideas -- Do something new -- Resist fear -- Make connections -- Cross boundaries -- Belong... More »