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Anne McCrady brings words to Life! Her vivid poetry, compelling stories and inspiring ideas will jostle your mind and open your heart! Find out more!

What's Your Story?

What a life you have had! Just think of all the things you have overcome to be where you are today! You are absolutely inspirational! Celebrate the story of your life -- your beginnings, endings, t... More »

A Poem - Fishing

Following a Line

It was you, always you
whose scent of muck and shallow
I loved and lingered after.
You, who led me out to the heaven 
of still hou... More »

Ideas for InSpired Living

Right here, right now people need your concern, your ideas, your help! Reach out to them! And find InSpiration for yourself at Anne McCrady's InSpiritry blog!

A Minute of InSpiritry

Need encouragement? Listen to A Minute of InSpiritry, lovely one-minute audio affirmations for your life from Anne McCrady.