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In her own books and in anthologies, Anne McCrady's vivid poetry, compelling stories and inspiring ideas will jostle your mind and open your heart! Find out more!
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Every group needs encouragement and affirmation. Poetic, InSpirational and Wise, Anne McCrady helps audiences love their Lives! Click Presentations to find out more!

A Poem for Summer

  Camp Song

In the pale light

of a canvas tent dawn,

cicadas kazoo

the last verses of their camp song,

that tinnitus of summer.

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2015 InSpiritry Peace Anthology

Poets Speak Their Peace!  

InSpiritry will release the 2015 Art of Peace - Tyler peace poetry anthology, Intertwined, on September 8!

A Minute of InSpiritry

Need a little inspiration? Listen to A Minute of InSpiritry, powerful one-minute audio suggestions for your life from Anne McCrady.