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Anne McCrady is the award-winning author of three personal collections of poetry and an inspirational parable. Her writing also appears in many literary journals, arts magazines and anthologies.More »

A Joy-ful Story

          Looking With the Heart


A few months ago, I asked as my daily InSpiritry Question for the Day: "What do you see when y... More »

Poem for Summer

         On Our First Hot Day


I lean over a terra cotta dish of limp daisies,

my gray sweat-shirted arm, the trunk

... More »

Make Someone Smile

Your world is full of people who add joy to your life! They smile, laugh, listen, invite and hug. Return the favor: look for creative ways to tell them how grateful you are!

Eating Can Be a Celebration

Fresh food is so beautiful: bright colors, interesting shapes, amazing flavors. This summer, get in the kitchen with someone you love. Cook great meals that celebrate life and enjoy every bite!