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The Changing Landscape of Self

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014


As lifelong learners, the hardest lesson is the changing landscape of ourselves.

Dozens of TED talks, hundreds of business books and thousands of web sites offer advice about how to respond to our changing world–social change, economic change, technological change, political change, climate change. It’s impossible not to get the message that change is a never-ending part of our lives. The thing we often miss is that not all change is external. Each of us is changing inside too. Creatively responding to that kind of change in a positive way may be the most difficult task of all!

Think about the changes that have happened in your life. As the years have gone by, you have gradually — and sometimes not so gradually – evolved into who you are today. Sometimes that was in response to events like leaving home, marrying, taking a job, dealing with an illness or moving to a new place. Other times, your own intentional choices, both good and bad ones, led to the need for you to be someone new. You found you had different routines, preferences and acquaintances, as well as desires, plans, needs, even beliefs!

Wherever you are in life, it is good to occasionally check to see if you are keeping up in the lifelong class of Who You Are and Where You Are Going. So I suggest you do some homework:

  • Consider your present situation. Are old ways of behaving holding you hostage?
  • Take an honest look at your relationships. Is it time to be a better version of You?
  • Think about what you really want. Are outdated fears keeping you from a happy future?

You are an expert on yourself, and every expert knows how important it is to stay informed. Take some time to catch up on your studies. Keep abreast of the latest trends in your feelings and the changing truth about your one, amazing life. Put your expertise to work for You – and then watch what else changes!

When You are Your Best Self, You Can Be a Blessing!

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The Blessing of a Break

Friday, February 21st, 2014

“And, out of the blue, when I had about decided nothing more could be done, things changed…

and I knew I could make it.”


We are busy people!

We try to stay balanced, but inevitably we fall back into the trap of too-much-to-do-and-not-enough-time-or-energy-to-do-it. Between our work commitments, our social engagements, our family events, our spiritual needs and our personal routines, time seems to fly out from under us! Some days, the rush is overwhelming: one minute we are waking up in the morning and the next we are climbing into bed.

Isn’t it nice that sometimes Life offers you a reprieve, just when you need it most?!  A problem is solved. A person offers help. A deadline is cancelled. An idea comes to us. Love steps in.

You are doing so much Good in the World — it’s no wonder you often feel the strain of your amazing work.

Life does offer us reprieves – unexpected time for ourselves. Be mindful of that gift of grace when it comes. Before you dive back into your busy-ness, feel blessed!


Every Moment is Poetic — And Every Life is an InSpirational Story!

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Negative Thoughts

Friday, March 4th, 2011

“This is where I get most of my negative thinking done.”

New Yorker cartoon of a woman showing buyers her home office

Economically and environmentally, for Americans the past three years have been difficult, at best. Even those whose jobs were secure and finances healthy have felt the impact: government cuts to essential programs, neighbors who had to sell their homes, friends who were unemployed, new carcinogens and ever worsening global warming. Worst of all, the nightly news reminds us how bad things are. All that in addition to our personal  challenges.

In times like these, optimism is hard to summon. The cartoon I quoted above is not far from the truth — we often get so trapped in worrying that we can’t do Good Work! (more…)

InSpiritry Question-for-the-Day: What are You Working On?

Friday, February 25th, 2011

“Don’t discourage anyone who is making progress, no matter how slow.”   Plato

This has been one of those weeks when I have been busy all week, but the stack of unfinished projects on my desk suggests otherwise. While I had every intention of completing the items on my to-do list, I set many of them aside to do other things. I took on new commitments and attended important events. Mostly, I gave time to relationships and met several new friends, so it has been a good week. (more…)

Question for the Day 6-8-09: Weekends

Monday, June 8th, 2009

“There aren’t enough days in the weekend.”       Rod Schmidt

It’s Monday. Again. Time to rise and shine, grab a cup of coffee and a bagel and leave the weekend behind. For some of us, this past weekend was full of time with family and friends.  For some, it was a chance to hit the lake for fishing. Others enjoyed three days of yard work or home repair or a service project. Lots of us spent Sunday in church and maybe even at a church picnic. Many of us went to concerts or had a night out for dinner or had friends over. Of course, some of us were at jobs that don’t stop on Saturday or Sunday. Sadly, a few of us felt compelled to keep working and worrying and waiting for things to change (you know who you are!) (more…)

Question for the Day: May 22, 2009

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

“When you don’t want to do something

one excuse is as good as another.”

                                                  Yiddish proverb

This quote is a reminder that we have more control over our lives that we would sometimes like to admit!  

Do you have things stay on your to-do lists: paying bills, homework, housework, a phone call, repairs, losing weight, making a life change, serving your community? Many of us claim the reason for things not getting done is lack of time or money or sleep or help or even good weather, but most of the time our excuses don’t hold up to scrutiny. If we’re honest, we know there are things, as the proverb above aptly suggests, we just don’t want to do! 

If you have something you keep putting off, it’s worth doing a self-check to see why. (more…)

How Could I Make a Difference?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

In several conversations of late, I have been reminded of how overpowering the world’s problems seem to most of us. We would like things to be better, but global situations like terrorist threats, war, extreme poverty, religious persecution, human rights and famine seem, well…just too global!

Maybe there’s our answer. We keep our perspective at a global level. What if we reduce the world’s terrible dilemmas to personal proportions — to our everyday lives? Maybe then, we can see that we really can “make a difference.” (more…)

New School Year and New Beginnings

Monday, August 27th, 2007

For many of us, this week signals the start of a new school year.  Ahhh, summer is over, whether we are students, teachers, administrators, librarians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, parents or just commuters who pass through school zones.

For my part these many years later, I can still recall the smell of new books and old classrooms and almost hear the shrill exultation of that first period bell! I certainly can remember the nervousness and delight of trying new things (phonics, 3 digit numbers, cursive writing, volley ball, geometry proofs, Old English, Chemistry experiments, frog dissection…).

For those of you involved in education, I celebrate your commitment to the sacred task of empowering young hearts and minds. (more…)

Mindfulness for Kids

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Kids meditating

The latest issue of Greater Good Magazine  is out,  and I want to recommend not only the magazine as a whole but also a specific article in this edition: “Mindful Kids, Peaceful Schools.”

The piece echoes one I read a few months ago in another of my favorite magazines, Ascent, a Canadian publication. That article was entitled, “The New ABCs – Awareness, Balance & Compassion.” (more…)

InSpiritry at Work

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Posted by Anne McCrady 

This morning was one of those days when I woke up with a sense of needing more than ever to make a difference in the world.  Rising early, I decided to try to connect with people who use the internet as their call for help. Surfing Technorati, reading blog after blog of entries of folks I don’t know, I could almost hear people speaking their concerns out loud, like having a receiver tuned to the disparate voices in the digital cosmos.

One thing became perfectly obvious: there are a lot of folks who need to share their burdens: death, disappointment, failure, loneliness, inability to change, sickness, heartache, fear. Reading their very honest and open posts, I wanted to reach out to each one to lend encouragement or say the best thing we can say to one another, “Me too.” (more…)