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Life is Good!

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

I am really something!

Anna Wilmot


Several years ago, I heard a story on an National Public Radio series about centenarians: folks who have lived past one hundred years of age.

One segment was about a woman who, at 106, was “still alive and kicking.”  During her upbeat interview, Anna Wilmot talked about the joy of sitting outside on her back porch facing the lake and how she enjoyed the beauty of the changing scenery each day.  Then just before the interview was over, Anna lowered her voice to confide in the reporter, Neenah Ellis:

“You know,” Anna giggled. “Sometimes in the morning when it’s foggy and there are no fishermen or passing boats, there is a wonderful place just down the path from my house where I can skinny dip!”

The reporter laughed and then, with great delight, Anna added, “I’m really something, don’t you think!?”

As I sat in my car listening, I giggled myself thinking of Anna’s delight with her life. I pictured her getting up early, her body ten decades along, her spirit that of a youngster, walking alone down to the shoreline, slipping out of her clothes and sliding into the caress of lake water at dawn. I loved imagining her — such physical pleasure and adventurous enjoyment. Anna Wilmot was calling me to enjoy my own life!

I was so taken by the idea that I came into the house, e-mailed reporter Neenah Ellis and asked to know more about Anna Wilmot.  Ms. Ellis wrote back and said that Anna was a wonder and didn’t look “a day over 80!”  In response, I wrote a poem about Anna and sent it to her. Her son wrote back to say how he was sure the two of us would be great friends. I agree!

People like Anna Wilmot have a message for all of us: Life is good!  Every day full of adventure! The world is inviting us to really live!

And we don’t have to wait until we are 106 to skinny dip! With all of our work worries and financial stresses and family dilemmas and health concerns, we sometimes forget the very exciting truth that every day is a choice about how to live. No matter what our challenges, we can be happier and healthier and holier starting right now!

What about you? What is keeping your from enjoying your one wild and glorious life? Maybe it’s time to walk down to the lake of something you love to do. Perhaps you need to slip out of the clothing of life’s heaviness to be yourself. You can step into the water and feel the joy of a renewed sense of being alive!

Life is good — and each one of us is really something, don’t you think?!

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Earth Day!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Celebrate the Earth!



   Forty years ago today, millions of Americans gathered in huge and glorious celebrations across the country to say: We Care about the Earth.  It was a monumental event that by year’s end led to the establishment of the EPA, and ultimately the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and the wise notion that, as stewards of our natural world, we can’t let profit come before the precious blessing of the Earth.


   This week as I watched the PBS special, The History of Earth Day, I was reminded of one very special early Earth Day celebration— (more…)

2010 – Happy New Year

Friday, January 1st, 2010

2010 – Happy New Year! 

Well, here we are. Ten years into the New Millenium. Post 9/11. Post Economic meltdown. Post Bush-Cheney. Several degrees into Global Warming. Several setbacks into Global Cooperation. The backside of the Great Recession. The end of a decade of decadence. Folks, straighten your chair backs, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing; somehow or another, we made it!

So – as we come to the end of this bumpy ride—what’s next for us?

I have no crystal ball to foretell the future, but my hunch is that, like so many generations of God’s people on planet Earth, we are about discover the consequences of having to collectively learn things the hard way!

Here are just a few of the tough lessons in store for us: (more…)


Sunday, November 8th, 2009

For everything there is a season,
And a time for every purpose under heaven.
 Ecclesiastes 3:1

 It is time for another changing of the season here in Texas. This weekend, the trees are lofting their colorful leaves onto each breath of breeze.  This is the time of year that always gives me pause for reflection. Spring has its sense of urgency. Summer is full of activity. Even Winter brings holiday festivities. But Autumn? As Nature’s growth slows and we gather with family for Thanksgiving, Autumn seems to be the time of slowing down, of thinking things over and of assessing our lives and loves. (more…)

Sacred Sounds

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Jazz is the sound of God laughing.” Colleen Shadox

With a week of drenching rain finally over and an autumn chill in the sunny air, I decided to open all the windows this morning to celebrate the changing seasons. At my laptop, as I write this post, a gentle wind is dancing through the turning leaves and rustling the limbs. It is just enough to set singing our several sets of windchimes. Each one is tuned to a different pitch, and we have hung them in various spots around our yard. The result is that, on days like today, the air carries a veritable symphony of music: round-toned moans, cheerful harmonies, bright staccatos. Listening with my eyes closed for a minute, I feel moved to tears then to laughter then to peace.

A believer in prayer and worship as a constant condition, I realize that if the sound of my windchimes stirs my spirit, I am hearing sacred music! That idea sets me thinking about the many kinds of sacred sounds in the world we experience as holy, and every culture has its own beautiful traditions. (more…)

Nature as Sanctuary

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

“There is sanctuary in being alone with nature.”    

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

When life swirls around us into a tornadic wind of uncertainty or trudges along dragging its heavy boots or orders us about with its responsibilities and expectations, it is important to have places that serve as sanctuary. This morning is a reminder that the place I live and write is both sanctuary and studio. Like Jonathan Lockwood Huie, I need time to be “alone with nature.” I am blessed that it is right outside my door.

I thought today I would invite you for a visit! (more…)

Spring Renewal

Saturday, April 11th, 2009


It’s Easter weekend, the time when Christian congregations around the world commemorate Christ’s resurrection, the remembrance of the empty tomb where passionate women friends of Jesus discovered the fulfilment of prophecy. For modern Christians, Easter is the celebration of spiritual renewal and the hope of eternal life for those who believe.

For other Americans, it is a happy weekend of family gatherings,  Sunday lunches, children in brightly colored outfits and Easter egg hunts.

It’s also spring, the time when Nature’s message of renewal is just as passionate as Easter itself. Here in East Texas, green has miraculously returned to bare branches and sleeping sod. Flowers of every hue shout their songs of celebration and new life. Animals large and small seem reinvigorated for this season of procreation and birth.

While our human lives are often more driven by work deadlines, school assignments and family responsilibities, we would do well to affirm our natural selves this time of year, to find ways to use this month to experience resurrection, both spiritually and personally–embracing the idea of a new lease on life, a chance to start again, fresh beginnings, bright hope.

Think about your own life this Easter:

  • With the long, cold months of winter over, what darkness do you need to leave behind?
  • As the world blossoms with color, how can you experience celebration and creativity with those you love?
  • While birds build nests and mother animals give birth, what can you do to insure our childrens’ future?
  • As caterpillars are being transformed into butterflies, what relationships of yours need to be renewed?
  • Now that plants and trees are growing again, what part of your life needs new attention and growth or even change?

Let’s celebrate Easter with all the joy it represents. Let’s welcome Spring and experience a time for renewal. Let’s use our lives for more than self-absorbed day-to-day living. Let’s be Passionate about the Future, working together towards the Greater Good!

 When We Experience Renewal,

We Can Be a Blessing!

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