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Question for the Day 6-24-09: Healthcare

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009


We all profit if our healthcare system is transformed…

and that profit will not be just financial! 

This week in Washington, the hot topic is healthcare. Those with an eye on the cost and scope of expanding healthcare are calling for reform. Those with a heart for medical care as a humanitarian mission are calling for healthcare to be transformed. Most of us, confused and concerned with how to provide healthcare for our own family and others, are somewhere in between. (more…)

Question for the Day 6-2-09: Everything Changes

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

“Everything changes. Nothing remains without change.” Buddha

Our jobs. The economy. The weather. The planet. Our relationships. Our families. Our faces. Everything does change! (more…)

Facing the Music – Learning to Dance

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

For two decades, Americans have romanced the idea of money.

First, it was the dot-com boom with twenty-somethings turning into millionaires overnight. Then came the housing bubble with charming neighborhood homes being torn down to build McMansions. Later, morning talk programs were eclipsed by financial news shows with live stock market feeds. Late night television followed with Mad Money’s Kramer becoming a national celebrity.  Year by year, credit cards replaced savings accounts as individual safety nets. Leverage became the new business plan. More and more college students were graduating with enormous school loans. America piously preached democracy and capitalism to other countries, then proved the limits of that system with our own avarice. Washington was no different. To repay campaign donations, politicians owed lobbyists their livelihoods. Even the U.S. government became mired in debt, and, internationally, we earned the label of the biggest debtor nation.

Is it any wonder that the stock market and the American economy are crashing down around us?

But, despite the gloom and doom from Wall Street, despite our own personal crises, despite the political rhetoric, all is not lost.  (more…)

Bookwoman and Others Like Her

Friday, December 7th, 2007

store logo

“I suddenly wanted something to read about women,

but I couldn’t find anything.”

Poet Judy Grahn


In Austin, Texas, on the corner of 12th and Lamar, there is a small shop that, for years, has been one of the sanctuary places in my life. Its bright storefront display promotes a wide variety of items:  feminist biographies, environmental photojournalism, insightful children’s books, progressive political commentary and gifts promoting peace. Entering customers, especially women, are welcomed home. Behind the counter sits owner, Susan Post, an unassuming woman with eyes as soft as her voice. When asked, she will speak of her unwavering dedication to feminism and her heart for writers. The shop I speak of is Book-woman, one of only a handful of independent feminist bookstores in the country and the only one in Texas.  A store devoted to improving women’s lives–what better way to live out a Passion for the Greater Good? (more…)

Babies vs. Big Business

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

          Imagine that the world had invented a new “dream product” to feed and immunize everyone born on Earth. Imagine also that it was available everywhere, required no storage or delivery — and helped mothers to plan their families and reduce the risk of cancer.
Then imagine that the world refused to use it.

Towards the end of this century of unprecedented discovery and invention, even as scientists discover the origins of life itself, this scenario is not, alas, a fiction. The “dream product” is human breast milk, available to us all at birth, and yet we are not using it.– UNICEF

With that thought in mind, this past week, there was a happy bit of medical news : (more…)


Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Around the world, there are thousands of people making InSpiritry a reality — they are working for the Greater Good in ways that inspire others to do the same. Their stories can empower us! Today’s InSpiritry story is about Dr. Victoria Hale, a social entrepreneur who is challenging the paradigm of the pharmaceutical world. (more…)

Microfinance: Personal Investment in the World

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Posted by Anne McCrady

A Bangladeshi man visits a simple village of mostly poor women and their children. They tell him how desperate they are to get loans so that they can start small businesses selling goods or providing services. When he asks how much they need, he is shocked to find out most of them need just a few dollars. Seeing an opportunity for a solution, he takes money from his own pocket, gives some to each woman, asks that they pay him back as they can and encourages them to follow their dreams. Overjoyed, the women begin their work and within a while all of them are able to repay the man. He can then make new loans.

That is, in fact, a true story! (more…)