Get Out of (Time) Debt

“There is just not enough!”

During these past few years of recession, this complaint has become a part of our conversations about money. We don’t have enough to pay all our credit cards. We haven’t saved enough for college. Our budget doesn’t have enough at the end of the month for extras. Many of us have had a wake up call to get our finances in order — mostly by living within our means.

We use the phrase, “there is just not enough…,” in other conversations as well — when we talk about time. It seems that in addition to our financial debt, many of us are also in Time Debt. We can’t get everything done! We have overspent the hours we are given each day by committing to more than we can physically, emotionally and logistically accomplish. The feelings we are left with mirror the impact of unpaid bills: fear, confusion, sadness, frustration, exhaustion.

One solution is to solve our Time Debt the way advisors tell us to pay off  Financial Debt — with a step-by-step rational approach:

  • Set a goal. Resolve to do whatever it takes to have free time in your life. Imagine relaxing!
  • See the truth. Assess your commitments. Be honest with yourself about your mounting Time Debts.
  • Prioritize. Address projects with serious consequences first, then move down the list of priorities.
  • Just Say No. Let go of things you don’t really want to do or weren’t asked to do.
  • Get Help. Remember relationships are built on shared endeavors. Ask others for advise and support.
  • Celebrate Success. Enjoy spending your new-found free time with people you love!

Time debt can be just as debilitating as Financial Debt. Maybe it’s time for you to really be Debt Free!

When We Manage Our Time Debt, We Can Be a Blessing!

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