Negative Thoughts

“This is where I get most of my negative thinking done.”

New Yorker cartoon of a woman showing buyers her home office

Economically and environmentally, for Americans the past three years have been difficult, at best. Even those whose jobs were secure and finances healthy have felt the impact: government cuts to essential programs, neighbors who had to sell their homes, friends who were unemployed, new carcinogens and ever worsening global warming. Worst of all, the nightly news reminds us how bad things are. All that in addition to our personal  challenges.

In times like these, optimism is hard to summon. The cartoon I quoted above is not far from the truth — we often get so trapped in worrying that we can’t do Good Work!

How do you fend off negative thoughts?

Today, summon that strategy to resist your inner doubts and bigger fears. Freed from worst case scenarios, you will be able to see and celebrate the good in your life. Best of all, you will have the courage to welcome the future.

When We Quiet Our Worries, We Can Be a Blessing!

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