InSpiritry Question for the Day: Moving

“It was time to make a move.”

Drawers emptied. Boxes stacked. Truck packed. Address changed. Friends hugged. Map ready. Heart uncertain.

Moving from one place to another is a universal experience. Some of us spend our lives moving every few years; others of us move only once or twice. Each time, though, there is the combination of letting go and looking forward. Those mixed emotions are what make moving so clear in our minds. Our hearts know it is a monumental moment!

Moving also often marks the internal changes we undergo. My moves have certainly been that way: going off to college, my first job in a new town, our first house for our children, the home I live in now. I can mark my progression to who I am by remembering the times my boxes changed places.

Of course, sometimes it is not we who are moving, but other people in our lives. Children move in. Friends move near us or away. Children move out. We move our parents. Each time, there is a transition in our lives.

What vivid memory do you have of moving? How were you changed by the experience?

Remembering our moves can help us see how we got where we are!

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