A Great Place to Read

“No matter how busy you are, you must find time to read. ” Confucius

Ahhh, time to read…

For most of us, our schedules make finding time to read a challenge, even though we know how good it feels to settle in with a good book or magazine.

To add to the challenge, many of us who are particular about what we read are also partial to where we read. Our choices of the perfect places to read can be as personal and unique as choosing which books to pull from the shelf. We might translate the wisdom of Confucius as: No matter how busy you are, you must find a place to read! 

So where do you prefer to commune with words:

  • All alone or in a crowd? 

  • Indoors or outdoors?

  • In a quiet cafe or a busy market?

  • Jamming to tunes or wrapped in silence?

  • Curled up in a chair or walking on a treadmill?

  • In bright light or with a simple lamp.

Each of us has a different sort of place that relaxes our bodies and allows our minds to open to the paragraphs on a page (or Kindle!). Whether we are reading poetry, fiction or non-fiction,  in the right space, our special place, the world falls away, we lose track of time as we get lost in the lines!


Today’s InSpiritry Question for the Day: Where do you like to read and why?

When We Find Time to Read, Books Can Be a Blessing!

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