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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Let today embrace the past with remembrance

and the future with longings.

Kahlil Gibran 

As the west wind of our first real cold front swept the last bits of summer aside yesterday (and I changed from shorts-and-Tshirt to blue jeans-and-a sweater!), I was reminded of the blessing of the seasons. Each one is a new beginning, and not just for Nature. As the trees throw off their stiffened leaves and settle in for some well-deserved rest, we too can begin a new season. Fall, especially, offers a time of reconsideration–a chance to leave behind old sadnesses, errors, grudges and regrets. We can rethink our priorities and recommit to our best selves. We can rediscover gratitude and optimism. We can change! (more…)

Facing the Music – Learning to Dance

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

For two decades, Americans have romanced the idea of money.

First, it was the dot-com boom with twenty-somethings turning into millionaires overnight. Then came the housing bubble with charming neighborhood homes being torn down to build McMansions. Later, morning talk programs were eclipsed by financial news shows with live stock market feeds. Late night television followed with Mad Money’s Kramer becoming a national celebrity.  Year by year, credit cards replaced savings accounts as individual safety nets. Leverage became the new business plan. More and more college students were graduating with enormous school loans. America piously preached democracy and capitalism to other countries, then proved the limits of that system with our own avarice. Washington was no different. To repay campaign donations, politicians owed lobbyists their livelihoods. Even the U.S. government became mired in debt, and, internationally, we earned the label of the biggest debtor nation.

Is it any wonder that the stock market and the American economy are crashing down around us?

But, despite the gloom and doom from Wall Street, despite our own personal crises, despite the political rhetoric, all is not lost.  (more…)