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Our Sacred Role in Democracy

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Politicians and Financial Leaders Bicker over Wall Street Bailout

Presidential Candidate Suspends Campaign

Congressional Talks on Credit Crisis Breakdown

As recent headlines suggest– this fall, what was to be our rapt attention to America’s quadrennial electoral season has been totally derailed. The usual political banter in urban coffee shops and small town restaurants has almost completely shifted away from evaluation of the candidates (except regarding their media-hyped personalities) and discussions of the party platforms (most people don’t even know what these documents contain). Instead, wealthy investors as well as those living paycheck-to-paycheck are transfixed by the hour-to-hour coverage of our national financial crisis. Money and the curse of its power have consumed us. With unpredictable posturing, media-generated suspense and continuing financial bad news, the whole country has become obsessed with the Reality TV programming of Washington and New York as they reconsider their mortgages and their 401(k) allocation.

Hellooo, America! In just five weeks, as part of the most successful democracy in the world, we will be asked to select the party and individuals to lead our country for the next four years! (more…)