Peace and Love

Peace and Love! Peace and Love! Peace and Love!

Ringo Starr

For some of us, these words are a familiar slogan from the 1960s. For others they are exactly the message the world needs to hear. For a few, Peace and Love is a tired cliche’. Whatever your first impression is, these simple words speak of what so many of us hope for in our lives: safety, harmony, nonviolence, compassion and acceptance. Peace. Our religions seek to instill it, our governments try to provide it, our politicians orate about it…and still is seems like a distant dream.

These days we don’t have far to look to see why: brutal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, government-sponsored genocide in Africa, global terrorism around the world, violence in the United States. Peace can be hard to find. Still, even in the midst of such challenge, there are those who keep the flame of Peace and Love alive. This week we heard from one of those flame-keepers.

A few days ago former Beatle Ringo Starr announced his 68th birthday wish. According to several sources, Ringo has suggested that his birthday, Monday, July 7th, be celebrated as Peace and Love Day. Based on the tatoo he has worn on his arm for many years, “Peace and Love,” the drummer wants everyone to take a moment on his birthday to remind each other of the blessings of a harmonious world.

“Wherever you are — office, home, bus, tube, sitting, standing, walking, alone or with others, doesn’t matter — at noon on July 7 make the peace sign and think, say, shout, sing ‘Peace & Love'”, Starr said in a statement.

What a perfect InSpiritry idea!

Instead of asking for gifts, a night out or even a day to be the center of attention, Ringo is using his birthday to encourage everyone to bless the people around them! Living for the Greater Good as a way of inspiring others to do the same: InSpiritry!

As a next step, we could all join Ringo. On our upcoming birthdays, we could follow his example of putting words to work for the Greater Good. Think about the influence we could have and the InSpiritry we could share! Our birthdays would become holy days!

As a start, let’s begin on Monday by fufilling Ringo’s request: at noon, let’s each find a way to think, say, shout and sing peace and love. And as for your own birthday, if you don’t have a tatoo for inspiration and in case your special day is coming soon, here are some suggestions for great ways to celebrate:

  • Be positive: express gratitude, share optimism, offer hope.
  • Choose an inspiring idea and talk about it during the day.
  • Send un-birthday cards to people who have blessed you in the past year.
  • Memorize an uplifting quote to share with people you know.
  • Spend a whole day at peace with God, yourself, others and Nature.

This idea could give birthdays a whole new meaning: giving instead of getting!

Let’s begin our transformation of birthdays into InSpiritry days on Monday by helping Ringo celebrate his birthday: at noon, let’s speak peace out loud! I’ll be listening!

I think the Beatles were right all along:

To Be a Blessing…All You Need is Love!

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