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How to Change the World

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007


In India, where the streets are full of homeless children, a compassionate woman created a 24-hour toll free hotline to connect street children with food, shelter, medical care, safety and access to people who care. Who staffs the phone lines? Other children who have been saved from a life on the streets! 

In South Africa, hundreds of thousands of people every year lie alone in their squallid homes dying of AIDS. Now, thanks to a wonderful nurse, some patients are being given home hospice care. Who would provide that kind of care? Young people once unemployed and hopeless, now trained to ease the pain and suffering of others!

 In the U.S., thousands of low income high school students never make it to college because there is no one to show them how to apply or how to find funding. One man took action. His four-day College Summits  offer help with college applications, essays, scholarship applications and financial aid forms. Of those who attend, 80% get into college!

In his new book,  How to Change the World – Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, noted author David Bornstein, whose first book shared the story of the Grameen Bank and microfinance, offers a look at the inspirational individuals like these who have used their innovative ideas to change the world rather than accept the status quo. Bornstein describes them as “social entrepreneurs”, a term increasingly used interchangabley with “social enterprise” to describe those who combine creative innovation, corporate strategies and social awareness to address persistent problems. (more…)

Elders Or The Elderly?

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

A 79-year-old-mother of five and grandmother of twelve with a lifetime of experience in early childhood education volunteers as a grandmother for troubled children at her local elementary school.

An 84-year-old Marine who began writing award-winning poetry in her 50s now mentors young poets via email submissions

A 70-year-old retired professor serves as a supervisor for probationers on Saturdays building wheelchair ramps for needy local residents

These amazing anecdotes are not inspirational fiction–they are about friends of mine, one of whom is my mother! In fact, they and so many others are more than friends, they are my elders. (more…)

Women and Children

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007


 Save the Women and Children!

Most of the casualties were Women and Children!

Who will protect the Women and Children?

The phrase “Women and Children” conjures up, for many, a vulnerable population in a dangerous situation. There are, though, some of us who believe that women and children are far from passive victims to violence who need more violence to save them. In fact, we believe that, because women and children innately know that aggression begets aggression, women and children also are motivated to seek alternatives to violence (military, economic, social and domestic). Further, we believe that once empowered, women and children will naturally find peaceful solutions– that women and children are the solution. (more…)