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How Could I Make a Difference?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

In several conversations of late, I have been reminded of how overpowering the world’s problems seem to most of us. We would like things to be better, but global situations like terrorist threats, war, extreme poverty, religious persecution, human rights and famine seem, well…just too global!

Maybe there’s our answer. We keep our perspective at a global level. What if we reduce the world’s terrible dilemmas to personal proportions — to our everyday lives? Maybe then, we can see that we really can “make a difference.” (more…)

United Nations Day

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007


Today, October 24, is United Nations Day. It is the anniversary of the charter in 1945 of the world’s first organization aimed at global governmental peace and cooperation. This year, the United Nation’s Day theme is:

Global Health – A Critical Component to Development.

While it is a timely and admirable theme for this visionary international organization, as an American, it seems to me that irony abounds! (more…)

Compassion and Community – Race in America

Friday, October 5th, 2007

A Noose!?!

After years of being locked away as a relic of American heartlessness, the reality of a rope knotted into a noose is back! First, during the Jena Six case and now at another American high school where its barbarous symbolism is being used for intimidation. It is nothing short of heart-breaking for me. (more…)

Other Voices

Friday, October 5th, 2007

There is so much happening in the world!

To know how to respond requires our attention, our discernment and our Greater Good thinking. The problem is that most of us count on one or two sources for our information.  As a result, we Americans develop our ideas about things based on a western, mostly Anglo version of the world without realizing there are other points of view.

Consider how Iceland might view our resistance to environmental wisdom or how South Africa looks at China’s burgeoning economy or what Palestians think of the war in Iraq.

InSpiritry calls us to see ourselves as part of a global family. If you are ready to do that, here are some outlets you might visit. America’s freedom of information is an amazing gift, but we must listen for other voices if we want to understand the world.

A word of warning — this can be a study in open-minded contemplation! (more…)